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Kitesurf Lessons

Kitesurf Lessons

Kitesurf Lessons

Learn to kitesurf at the Bracklesham Boardriders BKSA (British Kitesurfing Association) Approved School, Getkiteboarding.

A choice of tuition is available using our fully qualified BKSA instructors on one of the South Coast's best beaches in West Sussex.

Taster session:

This is a great introduction to kitesurfing. This lesson will get your key kite skills/manoeuvres and safety knowledge under your belt in no time at all. All based on the land, this is a great taster of the sport and what??s to come.

1 Day Course:

This course will be covered on the land. You will learn the basics of kite control and safety on the land and then will continue covering rigging of equipment, launching & landing, site assessment & safety, power control and deep water pack downs. This first day will have you booking the second day of a course in no time at all.

2 Day Course:

Time to get wet! Our most popular course, and the recommended minimum kitesurf proficiency, this will take you that next step closer to becoming a competent kitesurfer. After day one you will now be in the water covering board starts, power delivery & control, rules of the water, and making your first runs on your kiteboard.

3 Day course:

The third day will turn you into a true kitesurfer! After this day you will be a confident individual being able to launch & land and re-launch independently, having a great knowledge of the sport and how to progress safely.

You can contact us on 01243 671777, alternatively, you can email us your query info@brackleshamboardriders.co.uk, or pop into the shop.

Gift vouchers are avilable to purchase here Kitesurf Gift Vouchers and more information can be found on the Getkiteboarding website Getkiteboarding website

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